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What does it do?

Do you always think that you are not getting good signals on your wifi router or your internet is not working fast as your original speed is , here is the solution

Repeaters remove the unwanted noise in an incoming signal. Unlike an analog signal, the original digital signal, even if weak or distorted, can be clearly perceived and restored.

When you first broadcast a wireless signal it is very strong. As it continues to travel away from its source, the signal strength begins to degrade. The farther the signal travels, the weaker it becomes — until finally it loses its integrity. This is known as attenuation.

A wireless repeater picks up the weak signal, regenerates it and then rebroadcasts it, thus extending the range of your network. This regeneration makes the signal stronger, making it possible to overcome some of the interference you might be encountering.

This way you can use the signal from a much larger distance than before.

Where you should put it ??

For example you are on the second floor of your house and your router is on the first floor you can put the repeater in the stair case or any appropriate place which is in between so that the signal from your router can be amplified , so your internet speed increases and you will feel as if your are sitting on the same floor as the router is Problem Solved

Color: Black

Frequency range: 2.4-2.4835GHz

Wireless transmit power: 14 ~17 dBm (Typical)

Power supply unit: 100V-240V AC

Wireless Signal Rates With Automatic Fallback: 11n: Up to 300Mbps(dynamic),
11g: Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)
11b: Up to 11Mbps(dynamic)

Modulation Technology: DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK, OFDM, 16-QAM, 64-QAM

Receiver Sensitivity: 300M: -68dBm@10% PER / 150M: -68dBm@10% PER / 108M: -68dBm@10% PER / 54M: -68dBm@10% PER / 11M: -85dBm@8% PER / 6M: -88dBm@10% PER / 1M: -90dBm@8% PER

Product dimensions: 11 * 6 * 7cm

Product weight: 98g

Networking cable: 1M

Package size: 22 * 14.5 * 7cm

Package weight:

Package content :

1 x Wireless Wifi Extender Repeater with Plug.
1 x RJ-45 networking cable
1 x user manual

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